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Contra is a dual floor studio center featuring cyclorama studios, sound stages, green screen studios and daylight studios all conveniently located in the center of Manhattan on West 26th Street. Everything from fashion shoots to full on commercial video shoots, we have you covered.

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As a full service production house, we specialize in shooting both commercial and creative video. Recent projects range from pharmaceutical commercials, tech startup videos, to fashion products and long form reality TV. We are proud to have created compelling and high-quality video content for corporate, commercial, entertainment, fashion, and non-profit organizations. Check out our video production real above.



In addition to our staff photographers, our freelance team boasts impressive portfolios and offer in-house competitive rates. On premises we offer a full time digital tech as an add-on service. Our photography studio also offers leading edge technology rarely found in any studio in NYC, including a Phazon IQ250 50 mp camera, Hasselblad, and the fastest new lenses from Zeiss and Canon.


Pre/Post Production

Once an expense most companies outside Hollywood couldn’t afford, motion graphics and animation is now cost effective and often an integral part of the production. Our animation group will help bring your video to life, and keep your project within budget.