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Communicating with your customers, employees or investors is key. Our beautifully designed presentation decks, brochures, logos, signage and flyers along with well developed brand identity will wow your audience while creating an infrastructure to tell your story across every channel.

Web Design

Our web design focuses on creating meaningful experiences that engage users and push boundaries. We’ve entered a new generation of interactive web experiences. Going beyond presenting product; we focus relentlessly on user needs and behavior to drive action. Exceptional user experiences, integrated with technology, creates incredible value for customers and drive business growth.

Instagram Growth + Optimization

The most common mistake companies make with social media marketing is spending too much time focusing on creating, posting, and maintaining content without understanding how to get their page in front of the right people. A beautifully curated Instagram page that has no awareness strategy is ineffective. 

Our software optimizes the new users your Instagram account is viewed by and interacted with. We define an “ideal customer” inputs (what restaurants do your clients eat at, what stores do they shop in, what brands do the like, etc.) and use it segment the massive Instagram user base so that we are only interacting with users that are within your target market. With the power of the software, our expertise, and knowledge of your industry, we can achieve optimal organic growth and procure tangible results. With our software, we get our clients in front of 20,000 – 30,000 new targeted users per month.

Online Advertising Management

Whether an established brand looking to take market share with a new product or service to an innovative new startup looking to disrupt the norm, every company is battling for valuable consumer impressions. Our digital advertising services from PPC, social, remarketing, video and more will give you the competitive edge in driving your growth.

Content Creation & Management

Content creation is the future for driving customer acquisitions, brand awareness and omni-channel communications. Contra Digital is your one-stop shop for all things content from photography, video, graphic design, white papers, social media, blog posts and more.

Email Marketing

By 2020, more than 80% of all media will be consumed digitally. Building or tapping an existing community will be instrumental for driving brand awareness, harnessing customer passion, attracting visitors and increasing buyer confidence. Contra Digital will define your content strategy, setting the foundation to achieve your goals through robust email marketing campaigns.

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