Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can we bring in outside equipment?   

You can always bring in your own cameras / lenses and check our list of free included gear.  Gear listed in our Additional Gear section must be rented from us as opposed to an outside rental house. Any gear not in out inventory list may be rented from an outside vendor.  

2) Do we need a COI to shoot at Contra Studios

For shoots with under 15 people, a COI is not required to shoot at Contra Studios

3) Can we bring in outside catering? 

Yes you may bring in outside catering 

4) Can we start shooting at 7 a.m. or earlier?  

Yes you can set your call time to whenever you want.   

5) What's the minimum amount of hours we can shoot?

Presently we offer Full Days (10 hrs) / Half Days (5 hrs) / 3 hr shoot package 

6) Can you donate your studio for free in return for editorial credits?  

Currently we can only offer a friends and family rate for editorial shoots.  

7) Can you help us source outside gear for our shoot? 

Yes, our fee for sourcing gear is 20% of the overall cost of the gear rental. 

8) Can you help us find crew / talent for our shoot?

Yes, having produced shoots for 10 years, we can refer you to crew and talent that  have a history of delivering

9) Are you open during the Corona Virus Lockdown?  

We will consider opening up for certain shoots, but no events or castings until April

10) We're looking to do a quick shoot- what's the least expensive studio option?  


We offer a 3 hr studio package for $550 includes lights and grip. 




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